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REGEX_REPLACE or SUBSR to extract Twitter accounts from text

Posted: Thu Nov 23, 2017 9:02 am
by kryszczyn
In one of my projects I have data sample that is a list with tweets. The task is to extract every account name to separate field.

The sample data looks as follows (each line is a row - 1 column):

@msgerain [What the hell happened to you?] Appendicitis
@msngregeain is @aragerekumar hiding from @yuvipergeeaa?

The result should be (each line is a row - 1 column):
@msngregeain @aragerekumar @yuvipergeeaa

I thought of using REGEX_REPLACE but that won't work because it matches only selected occurrence. It was a struggle for me to write the regex that would match other strings than \b@\w+\b. What would be your approach to do that?