SQL server to Vertica UDL

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SQL server to Vertica UDL

Post by nnani » Fri Apr 25, 2014 10:13 am

Hello all,

after trying the ODBC loader package and no success at it while installation, I m turning towards Vertica UDL.

Before going to it, I just wanted to get a few things cleared
1. Can I use Vertica UDL to stream data from SQL server into Vertica directly using ODBC ?
2. Can a Vertica UDL be a polymorphic function ( one with dynamic number of arguments, max 32)
3. Do I need to create all three components ( SOURCE, FILTER, PARSER)
4. Any simple example to create one
5. Do I need to use SQL Server API to connect to SQL server and fetch data or Vertica API

Long way to go

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