Job: Authoring Opportunity for Vertica

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Job: Authoring Opportunity for Vertica

Post by James_J » Mon May 19, 2014 1:55 pm


Author at Packt Publishing
Birmingham, United Kingdom
About the company
Packt are one of the most prolific publishers of ICT learning materials in the world (having recently published our 2000th book). We pride ourselves on covering the totality of software development in a practical, hands-on manner.

Job position
Project based - Remote work possible

Job description
Essentially here at Packt, I am looking to discuss the opportunity I have with users and administrators that use Vertica, to see whether anybody would be interested in the possibility of becoming an author for this title. We have a vision for this book but also look to you, the experts, for your honest opinion on what the community would like to see from this prospective book.
We have called this a 'Learning' title, where we basically cover most of what Vertica is, by practical, real-world solutions/examples.
We want to solve Big Data problems using Vertica, but by also learning about the platform along the way. Putting it very succinctly, we want to start with installation, create and populate a Vertica Database containing multiple schema, look at backing up and also the restoring and recovery of data and more.

We offer an competitive and negotiable advance against royalties (16% of any individual unit sold), and royalties, which is industry leading, will be split between authors according to their respective chapter contributions

Instructions how to apply
Drop an email to jamesj@packtpub saying you're interested

You can also tweet me at any time @_James_Jones_
Website: Packt Publishing

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this offer.

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