Transform Function Error

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Transform Function Error

Post by stwp86 » Fri Mar 28, 2014 8:50 pm

Hi Everyone . . .

I am new to the world of UDF w/R and Vertica. I have the following R code:

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betaFunction <- function(client, domain, user_name, ptSeen, avgATPP, avgOTPP, avgDTPP, percentCPOE, percentEDOC)
        sub <- subset((percentEDOC > .2) & (percentCPOE > .2) & (avgATPP < .06), select=c(client, domain, user_name, ptSeen, avgATPP, avgOTPP, avgDTPP, percentCPOE, percentEDOC))
        cooksreg <- lm(sub$avgATPP~sub$ptSeen)
        cook <- cooks.distance(cooksreg)
        df <- data.frame(sub,cook)
        sub1 <- subset(df, select=c(client,domain,user_name,ptSeen,avgATPP,avgOTPP,avgDTPP,percentCPOE,percentEDOC),cook<.05)
        cpoereg <- lm(sub1$avgOTPP~sub1$percentCPOE)
        edocreg <- lm(sub1$avgDTPP~sub1$percentEDOC)
        betacpoe <- coef(cpoereg)[2]
        betaedoc <- coef(edocreg)[2]
betaFactory <- function()
And successfully ran the following:

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CREATE LIBRARY betaFunctionLib AS '/home/vertica/betaFunction.R' LANGUAGE 'R';

CREATE TRANSFORM FUNCTION betaFunction AS NAME 'betaFactory' LIBRARY betaFunctionLib;
However, I get the following error when I run my query (query is pasted below):
Error: [Vertica][VJDBC](3399) ERROR: Failure in UDx RPC call InvokeProcessPartition(): Error calling processPartition() in User Defined Object [betaFunction] at [/scratch_a/release/vbuild/vertica/OSS/UDxFence/RInterface.cpp:1244], error code: 0, message: Exception in processPartitionForR: ['percentEDOC' is missing]
SQLState: VP001
ErrorCode: 3399

Changed the betaFunction (client, domain ...) to betaFunction(x) and then referenced it the R code like such x[,1] . . . this seemed to help, but now I must make a few more adjustments to get it working.


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