Disk Manager for Vertica Cluster

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Disk Manager for Vertica Cluster

Post by jleonardo.gmassardi » Wed Apr 26, 2017 7:29 pm


Vertica cluster DB doesn't accept for install cluster Filesystem mount in Vg and Lvol volume. And we know that the mount point using a disk as a ext4 or ext3 are more complicated maintanance, and will make more difficult to grow the filesystem if necessary more space.

The question is:

Are any other Disk Manager that the Vertica DB to install a cluster with 3 nodes support?

Leonardo Massardi

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Re: Disk Manager for Vertica Cluster

Post by JimKnicely » Sat Apr 29, 2017 3:13 am


Vertica 8.1 has support for LVM:

https://my.vertica.com/docs/8.1.x/HTML/ ... forLVM.htm

Fyi... The Vertica installer has the option "--skip-fs-checks" that let's you bypass the file system check. But, in prod databases I'd stick with what is supported ;)
Jim Knicely


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