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Redshift vs Vertica, an analyst's experience

Posted: Tue Mar 14, 2017 1:18 pm
by JimKnicely
Great post "Redshift vs Vertica, an analyst's experience" by Robert Danger Winters (Experienced BI Practitioner)!

When it comes to conducting analysis on very large structured data sets, there are a limited number of viable players which won’t require a second mortgage and army of consultants to use (looking at you, Exadata). For the last several years my platform of choice has been HP Vertica: it’s fast, scales well, relatively easy to manage/performance tune, and is fairly middle of the pack for pricing. However, for the last several months I’ve been using Redshift as my primary data warehouse and feel ready to make a comparison on where the platforms materially differ.

Check out the full post here: ... t-vertica/