Max columns for FLEX table?

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Max columns for FLEX table?

Post by usli06 » Thu Feb 02, 2017 3:52 pm


Is there a maximum number of columns for a FLEX table?


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Re: Max columns for FLEX table?

Post by JimKnicely » Thu Feb 02, 2017 5:29 pm


There is a 1600 column limit.

See: ... Limits.htm

If you try to create a FLEX table with more than 1600 columns, you will get an error…


[dbadmin@s18384357 ~]$ head -10 big_flex.sql
create flex table big_flex (
col1 int,
col2 int,
col3 int,
col4 int,
col5 int,
col6 int,
col7 int,
col8 int,
col9 int,

[dbadmin@s18384357 ~]$ tail -10 big_flex.sql
col1592 int,
col1593 int,
col1594 int,
col1595 int,
col1596 int,
col1597 int,
col1598 int,
col1599 int,
col1600 int);

[dbadmin@s18384357 ~]$ vsql -f big_flex.sql
vsql:big_flex.sql:1601: ROLLBACK 2106: A table/projection/view can only have up to 1600 columns -- this create statement has 1601
Jim Knicely


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