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management console inconsistent info on nodes

Posted: Tue Apr 22, 2014 7:03 am
by nnani
Hello All,

This thing caught my attention when we were trying to look at the cluster state in the Manage tab of MC.

In Manage tab, we can see all the nodes and their health, status and much more info.

My problem is.
For 1 cluster
1. I can't see consistent info on all nodes, first 5 nodes I have IP, em1,p2p1,status for first 5 nodes and for last 5 nodes IP, name, status,total mem.
Where does vertica get this info from? why is it not uniform accros the cluster.
If this info is fetched from /etc/hosts file on every server, for first 5 nodes all the /etc/hosts file are same and for last 5 nodes all are same, but in both group they are different.
If there is a problem with /etc/hosts file , what is the standard format to write a /etc/hosts file.
I tried the documentation, but no info on this.
secondly , if I make changes to /etc/hosts file, it does not reflect in MC, even after refreshing / Logout and Login.