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“Vertica Live – Hands on Workshop” coming to Austin, TX on Tuesday, February 28th

Posted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 4:05 am
by JimKnicely
Vertica is the Big Data analytics platform that can be used for: data warehouse optimization, customer analytics, fraud detection, clickstream analytics, predictive maintenance, and a wide range of other uses. This workshop is ideal for someone who is new to Vertica or just needs a refresher! Invitation attached. Seating is limited. This workshop will focus on the following:
  • Database basics, such as installing and loading data into Vertica
  • Designing schema
  • Creating simple and complex SQL queries
  • Creating optimizations and the concepts behind Projections
  • Optimizing query performance with Database Designer
  • Running advanced in-database analytics such as geospatial, time series, Machine Learning algorithms, and much more
Register here: ... 1cbbf.aspx