Partition reorganize not started

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Partition reorganize not started

Post by nnani » Mon Mar 31, 2014 3:14 pm

Hello All,

I had used alter table statement ending with REORGANIZE keyword to change the partition on a few tables.
After checking the partition_Status table I found all the projection are 100% done but only one of them is at 0 (this one is a buddy projection with _b1).
Waited for almost more then an hour, but still it does not advance ahead of 0.
When checked the Log files.

LowDiskSpaceCheck:0x7f0864018190-a000000074ae9f [Txn] <INFO> Begin Txn: a000000074ae9f 'LowDiskSpaceCheck
LowDiskSpaceCheck:0x7f0864018190-a000000074ae9f [Txn] <INFO> Rollback Txn: a000000074ae9f 'LowDiskSpaceCheck'
LowDiskSpaceCheck:0x7f0864018190 [Util] <INFO> Task 'LowDiskSpaceCheck' enabled

Now I am not able to see the partition keys for that table.

Is there something I am missing here.
Anyway we can kill the Reorganize process .
Long way to go

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Re: Partition reorganize not started

Post by NorbertKrupa » Mon Mar 31, 2014 3:33 pm

First, check PARTITION_REORGANIZE_ERRORS for errors and/or actionable hints. Then, I would try to CLEAR_PROJECTION_REFRESHES() and then run a REFRESH() on the table.
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