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The query requires local processing of the data

Posted: Mon Oct 14, 2013 9:03 am
by dotans
We are currently testing Cognos 10.2 against a Vertica Database version 6.1.2 data source. We are connecting using the 32-Bit Vertica ODBC driver.
The connection to the database was successful. In Framework Manager, we succeeded importing the required tables and creating the required joins. We published a package to the Cognos Connection portal. In Report Studio, if we simply bring in columns from the package, the report executes fine. But if we create something like a simple case statement, Cognos forces us to set the Query to run on “Limited Local” processing.
When we set the processing to “Limited Local”, the report execution time jumps enormously. When set to “Database Only” processing, we receive the following error:

UDA-SQL-0458 PREPARE failed because the query requires local processing of the data. The option to allow local processing has not been enabled. UDA-SQL-0477 A literal value is not supported by the database. This operation requires local processing of the data.
Setting the data source in Framework Manager to use “Limited Local” processing does not solve the issue.

Does anyone knows how to force Cognos to move the query into the database?