how to view the Partitions used in Query Plan

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how to view the Partitions used in Query Plan

Post by kbsaravana » Wed Dec 04, 2013 8:32 am

I have a table tblLogs which is partitioned on the column "TimeStampGMT" in daily basis. tblLogs has 7 days data ( means 7 partitions). "TimeStampGMT" column and "InsertTimeStampGMT" column will mostly have the same day values

I want to know the below query will scan all the partition or only 1 partition on "2013-11-20"

SELECT DeviceNumber,TIME_SLICE(TimeStampGMT,15,'MINUTE'), COUNT(1)
FROM tblLogs
WHERE InsertTimeStampGMT > '2013-11-20 01:00:00' AND InsertTimeStampGMT < '2013-11-20 10:15:00'
GROUP BY DeviceNumber,TIME_SLICE(TimeStampGMT,15,'MINUTE')

please guide me to know the usage of partitions in Query Plan

I tried with "EXPLAIN" command ., I couldnt infer more

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