Vertica 7.1.1 backups do not reflect data reduction

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Vertica 7.1.1 backups do not reflect data reduction

Post by jreese » Fri Feb 27, 2015 6:49 pm

We run several Vertica 7.1.1 clustered database instances. We do a full backup nightly using

Recently we modified scores of tables in one clustered instance. Prior to the conversion we created backup tables for each table that was affected. The over-all increase in backup size was around 20 - 25%.

The conversion completed successfully. Several days ago we dropped the backup tables, confident that the conversion had been a success. However, the backup size did not decrease accordingly. We have now passed through two full backup cycles since the tables were dropped and the backups remain as large as they were the night of the conversion.

Backups have been completing normally and without error throughout this period.

Does anybody know how to reclaim the space freed after dropping the backup tables? Alternatively, is there any way to trace remnants of the backup tables if they still exist in the backups?

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Re: Vertica 7.1.1 backups do not reflect data reduction

Post by NorbertKrupa » Fri Feb 27, 2015 8:36 pm

How is your backup configured (*.ini file)? If you're taking incremental backups, you won't be able to reclaim that space. If you take a fresh, full backup each night, then you should regain that space. You may just need to "reset" your backups.
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